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Monday, April 15, 2013

We've moved in at Walnut Creek!

My bad.  I've been awol for a little while trying to get everything in order for our "mini store" at the shop collaborative at Walnut Creek in old town Fort Collins Colorado.  I can't wait for you to visit!  The store is at 222 Walnut Street at the corner of Walnut and La Porte.  The owner, Kate, had the best idea; to find a unique space, big enough to house a bunch of individual creatives to set up their own little areas to sell home goods, jewelry, refurnished antiques, clothing, trinkets and PARTY SUPPLIES!  The displays are ever changing and Little Bird Celebrations will be in every few weeks to replenish party supplies and kits and feature new items.

Walnut Creek opened April 1st, but Little Bird Celebrations moved in on April 15th.  Here are a few photos of the store before they opened.

Our space actually got shuffled around but you can now find us right behind the register.

Here are just some of supplies that we packed up to move in.

And here is our first display all set up, ready for shoppers!  

For now, we have 3 mini pre-made party kits on display and for sale: Oh Deer Adorable, Vintage Fawn Kit, A Foxy Little Party, Vintage Fox Kit,  and Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Kit.

The last available Vintage Circus Party Kit is also on display and available ONLY at Walnut Creek.

It took me forever to hang those tissue pom poms to the super high ceilings but I love them!  They are available in a wide variety of colors and as an inclusion in my Dessert Table Party Kits.

There is also quite a variety of a la carte party supplies including paper straws, either by the package or mix and match, gold painted circus animals, mini glitter clothespins, tissue paper garland, party hats, gift tags, cupcake flags, confetti, barrettes and earrings!

Of course, if you can't find what you are looking for in our store, contact us, we love custom orders!  Happy shopping!

*Follow Walnut Creek on facebook to see what all of the stores are up to.  Seriously, I am honored to be grouped together with all of the many very talented artists here!

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