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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Wedding Shoes

Having trouble finding the perfect way to dress up your wedding tootsies? Not yet overloaded on wedding DIY projects? Here are some tutorials on how to glamorize your wedding shoes!

Chiffon Peep Toe
Green Wedding Shoes Wedding Blog
  • A comfortable peep toe shoe
  • Fishing line
  • 1 yard of silk chiffon fabric

  1. Cut fabric into two 15" x 13" pieces and fold accordion style.
  2. Tie the fabric in a loose knot around the middle of the front of the shoe.
  3. Cut four pieces of fishing line, 30" long each.  
  4. Make a 1-2" loop of fabric next to the center knot and tuck in under the middle knot to pull through to opposite side. Then wrap the fishing line around the fabric a few times to keep in place and tie the fishing line.
  5. Repeat step 4 again and then do twice on the other side of the center knot.
  6. Leave a short "tail" of fabric at each end or cut to your desired length.  
  7. Repeat for second shoe.

Floral Ankle Straps
Ruche Blog


  • A high-heeled pump with an ankle strap
  • Lace fabric strips 2-3 inches in width
  • Plain ribbon to match the color of lace fabric
  • Needle and thread

To make flowers-

  1. Cut strips of fabric between 12-16 inches in length, one strip per flower.
  2. Fold the strip in half and stitch together along the edges.
  3. To give ruffled look, gather the fabric together as you sew and begin to form a circle of layers.
  4. Sew through the middle of the flower a few times and tie thread in a knot to secure.

Attach to shoes-

  1. Sew fabric flowers that you just made (or if the above steps were too complicated, you can purchase pre-made fabric flowers at your local craft store,) onto a plain, wide, grosgrain ribbon.
  2. Attach floral ribbon to strap of shoe with shoe clips or sew to the shoe's strap.

Jeweled Heels
Honestly WTF


  • Sexy satin stilettos
  • Various sized flat back rhinestones
  • Permanent glue
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick


  1. Pick up rhinestone with tweezers and dip backside of rhinestone into glue.
  2. Start pressing larger rhinestones onto top center of heel, working your way with smaller rhinestones out and down. I highly recommend laying out your design ahead of time.
  3. To affix smaller rhinestones, dip a toothpick into the glue and then apply to backside of rhinestone.

Fancy Shoe Clips
Project Wedding Blog Photos and Project Styling by Victoria Hudgins


  • A plain, not too tall, heeled shoe
  • Colored satin ribbon 1/2 inch wide
  • Fashion feathers
  • Small plain hair clips
  • Fabric glue


  1. For each shoe, cut ribbon into 4 pieces, each different lengths.
  2. Take both ends of a piece of ribbon and fold to meet in the middle.  Secure with fabric glue.
  3. Repeat step 2 for each piece of ribbon.
  4. Layer the four pieces of ribbon with the longest piece on the bottom and shortest on top.  Secure with fabric glue.
  5. Attach feathers to center of ribbons with fabric glue.
  6. Allow to dry.
  7. Use fabric glue to attach ribbon/feathers to hair clip.
  8. Clip onto center of back of heel. 

Tip- Wear shoes "naked" for ceremony and clip these fancy feathers on for the reception!

Dip-Dyed Ombre Ballet Flats
Swell Mayde

  • Cotton or suede white ballet flats
  • RIT liquid dye in your favorite wedding color- something blue?
  • Sponge brush
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Gloves


  1. Follow steps on RIT dye package to make your bucket of color.
  2. Dip the toes of the ballet flats into the dye for about 1 minute so that it will be a richer color.
  3. Put the whole shoe in the dye bucket for just a few moments.  
  4. To fade the color, dip a sponge brush in water and wipe off some of the color on the heel of the shoe.
  5. Allow to dry.

Bow Sandal
Swell Mayde

  • A flat, t-strap sandal
  • Grosgrain ribbon in white or ivory
  • Hot glue


  1. Tie a bow with the grosgrain ribbon. Bow tying tutorials here.
  2. Glue ribbon to ankle strap of sandal.

Enjoy!  I'd love to see pictures of your DIY wedding shoes!

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