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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My big, fat, Steampunk wedding

As an add-on to our post last Friday, "What the heck is Steampunk?"  I decided to take this question a little bit further to see how the Steampunk trend has affected wedding styles.  
I love how Royal Steamline describe this type of bride and groom, "Steampunks choose vacuum tubes over amulets and schematics instead of spell bools.  We are drunk on the possibilities of the electric current, the brass gear and the pneumatic pump.  We are the gentleman scientists, the plucky tinkerers and the intrepid airship commanders, and our weddings celebrate the future by toasting the past!"

Tricia Fountaine has my favorite Steampunk themed wedding featured with a TON of photos.  Seriously, this lady is talented and did a lot of the detail work herself including soldering copper pipes together to make candelabra and hanging a copy of Leonardo Da Vinci's wings from the rafters in the reception barn.  Be sure to check out her ring bearer's nest with old skeleton keys and clock gears.

Royal Steamline has a whole invitation, save the date, and wedding website line devoted to this style. 
Elsie & Elmer 1921
Coney Island 1896 Thank You
An Eldritch Love
Attire and Accessories:
Of course you have to dress the part with top hats, vests, corset tops, goggles, timepieces and parasols.  We found a great line of jewelry, clothing and other accessories via the websites below.
Antique Gold Octopus Bracelet from Steampunk Emporium
The Formal Victorian Corset from Clockwork Couture
From Damsel in this Dress on Etsy

Nice Touches:
Your bouquet, cake and other aspects of your wedding should tie into your Steampunk theme as well.  Since a lot of your supplies will be vintage, therefor recycled, Steampunk makes for an eco-friendly theme!
Cake Image from Geeks are Sexy
Image from The Pinkbook

*Bonus- View the DIY Steps to make the bouquet above on Fifty Flowers.
Image from Capital Romance  photo by Abby Grace Photography

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