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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

6 Benefits of Paper Flowers plus tutorial

Photo from One Happy Girl
Are you a DIY bride, or just looking for something a little different for your wedding bouquet or decor?  Have you considered paper flowers?  Here are just a few benefits to using paper flowers:

1) Keep them and save them forever.  Unlike real flowers, paper flowers need no preservation to be able to keep them and display them in your home afterwards.
2) They won't wilt or need water before your wedding day.  Make them ahead of time and you won't need to worry about keeping them in a cooler or needing water for them before their use.
3) An endless array of color possibilities.  With real flowers, you are limited to what shades are grown naturally (or dyed artificially.)  When using paper flowers, you can match dress shades and other swatch colors of decor aspects almost exactly.
4) Go green!  Recycle pages from old books (or favorite sonnets and poems, to make them extra meaningful.)
5) No sneezing!  If you, or your groom, or your bridesmaids, suffer from allergies, paper could be the way to go.  (If you choose to use tissue paper, your mom's corsage can double as something to use to blot her happy tears!)
6) It's always in season!  Flowers like peonies and dahlias can be pricey when you are looking for them out of season.  With paper flowers, you can have your choice of bloom for the same price all year long.
Photos from Martha Stewart
View a tutorial here on how to make paper flowers like the ones below, here.

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