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Monday, February 18, 2019

Berthoud Barn Wedding

When you think of a barn, maybe you think of animals.  Maybe you think of hay.  Maybe you think of tractors or old cars.  Or do you think wedding?  Well wedding plans were exactly what this bride and groom had in mind when they built this huge barn, finished just weeks before they said their vows.

Seriously, look how big this barn is!  We fit 125 guests at large wooden farm tables.

An "elevated rustic" theme.

Silverware and a menu card were sweetly tucked into a folded linen napkin pocket.  Each guest had a mason jar for their drinks for the night.

 The groom was handy.  So handy, in fact that he built this custom bar for the corner of their barn, complete with a wagon wheel shotgun chandelier.

Both the cake and the appetizers were displayed on these authentic wooden cable spools.

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