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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Graduation Party Hosting Tips

Whether hosting a high school, college or kindergarten graduation party, there are a few simple tips that I encourage you to follow for the most successful and stress-free event.

  1. No Under-age Drinking- Other than just being a general no-no, this is an important time to enforce the law.  Kids and young adults that are of driving age typically travel from party to party, they will be on the road and should not be drinking and driving.  If you hold the party at a bar or venue where you are lucky enough to have a staffed bar, have IDs checked or wristband guests over 21 as they come in the door so it is easy to see who can be served.
  2. Photographs- This may be the last time, until a reunion, that the group will all be together.  Take a lot of photos, either with disposable cameras set out all around the party room, or with iPhones and then upload to a group file-sharing site so that everyone will have copies.  *Gift tip- a photo album or frame is always a safe gift choice for a grad.
  3. School Colors- Looking for a theme other than black, white and little graduation caps?  Use the guest of honor's school colors to choose your streamers, balloons, paper plates, napkins and cake decor.
  4. Mark Your Entrance- You will, in all probability, have many guests that may have never visited your home, or other address before.  Make sure that you clearly mark the entrance to the front door, park pavilion, etc.  You can do this by hanging a banner with the graduate's name, put out balloons or yard signs.
  5. Estimate High- Unfortunately, guests, especially kids, don't usually RSVP for parties.  That being said, when you are buying drinks and food for the party, estimate high.  You may end up with leftovers but it is better than running out of food.
  6. Make It To Go- Usually, graduation parties are come and go events, have lunch or snacks easy to pick up and walk around with or take to go.
  7. Sunny Days- At the end of May, the weather can still be fickle and people are not always back into the habit of putting on sunscreen, daily.  Be prepared with bottles of sunscreen, chapstick and cheap sunglasses for your guests to borrow, especially if you are holding the shindig at a park or pool.
  8. Plan Some Activities- No, its probably not like a 5 year old's party with pin the tail on the donkey, but you should have a few options for your guests to keep busy and entertained.  Set up a horseshoe pit, Photo Booth or a build your own s'more station.
  9. Get Creative with Treats- Pinterest is filled with easy DIY recipes that fit the bill.  Search for these Graduation Cap Pops or Pirouette Cookie Diplomas.

Congratulations to all of you 2013 graduates including you, Raven Gereaux and Sarah Bailly!

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