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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Coffee Party Kit Donation to help the Longmont Humane Society

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Did you know that Little Bird Celebrations donates to local charities, including the Longmont Humane Society?  We have been contacted, for the 2nd year, to donate a party kit for the auction at the Humane Society's benefit on April 4th, Homeward Bound.

Knowing that not everyone at the benefit would have children and be interested in planning a child's party, I brainstormed for adult-themed parties.  (See our party kit that we donated last year, Vintage Soiree.) Well I LOVE coffee, and I bet that many other people do too.  And everyone can use an excuse to have a little get-together while they gab over coffee, or tea or whatever.

This Coffee and Friends Party Kit that I put together to support their cause is valued at $185.00 and is available for purchase on Etsy.  A party for 8 will include the items listed below.

I am in love with the tissue tassel garland trend.  This garland includes 12 tassels in white, brown and gold and can be hung over a table, in front or vertical, tied to a big balloon, etc.  There are so many options and I can make them in whatever color that you want.  Just contact me to order your custom tassel garland.

Wooden disposable spoons are another staple in many of my party kits. These ripple coffee cups with lids also make it easy for guests to drop by and go, if needed.  

How appropriate is this printed burlap that I found and made into a table runners.  Brown and polka dot  nut cups could hold treats, perhaps chocolate-covered espresso beans? Yum!

You could make it a coffee-exchange party, with each guest bringing their favorite roast of beans and then package up the varieties in mix and match to-go boxes and bags, tied with brown and white twine.

Stir in your sugar and cream with these scalloped coffee stir sticks or the party favor- vanilla rock candy sticks embellished with a "Thanks a LATTE" sticker.

Coffee and Friends are the perfect blend, don't you agree?

Now go to the Homeward Bound Benefit, in Longmont Colorado, on April 4th and bid on this fun party kit to help out the Longmont Humane Society!

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