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Saturday, March 23, 2013

5 New Egg Easter Decorating Techniques

Does anyone else get tired of buying the little cardboard box with the colored tablets that you mix in a little cup of water and vinegar.  Sure, you can use crayons to draw designs on the eggs before you dye them, but how about trying some new Easter egg decorating techniques this year?

Crepe Paper Eggs
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Instructions courtesy of

Combine various techniques -- bands, leaf garlands, and flowers -- to dress up plain and dyed eggs.
1. To make stripes: Cut strips from a folded sheet of crepe paper with pinking shears. Apply glue to each end of strip; adhere to egg.
2. To make a garland: Cut 18 leaves for each egg from crepe paper. Glue bottom tip of each leaf to egg, overlapping slightly.
3. To make a flower: Cut a 1 3/4-inch circle from crepe paper. Fold in half, and then fold in half again. Pinch pointy end; insert a finger among paper layers and spread them to look like a flower. Fold pointy end, and glue it to underside of flower; let dry. Cut out 2 leaves. Glue flower and leaves to egg.

Tools and Materials:
Various colored crepe paper
Pinking shears
Modge Podge or other glue
Hard-boiled or Blown-out Eggs

Paper Napkin Decoupage Eggs
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Instructions courtesy of

1. Trim loosely around the designs on a white napkin using small scissors. Separate printed top layer; discard lower sheets.
2. Coat part of a blown-out white egg (or a white paper tag) with Mod Podge using a small brush. Apply 1 cutout design to egg (or tag); smooth with brush. Let dry. Repeat, adding designs as desired.
3. Apply Mod Podge with a medium brush to entire egg (or tag). Let dry.

Tools and Materials: Small, sharp scissors
Patterned white paper napkins
Mod Podge glue sealant
Small and medium craft brushes with noncolored handles
Blown-out eggs

Confetti Eggs
photo from ohHappyDay

Instructions courtesy of OhHappyDay

1. Using your sewing pin, poke a single, small hole at the top an egg.
2. Open up a larger hole at the bottom of the larger part of an egg.
3. If your yolk is too large, sometimes it helps to use a toothpick or something to stir the yolk up and make it more liquid
4. Let the egg drain out of the larger hole into a bowl, blowing the residue out through the small pin hole in the top of the egg if you need to encourage the yolk out a little more quickly.
5. Rinse the egg shell (you can add a little bleach to get rid of the egg smell) and allow it to dry.
6. Use dye to color the eggshell (you’ll have to fill the hollow shell with dye to make it stay submerged); allow to dry thoroughly.
7. Fill the egg about halfway with confetti (or whatever you decide to put inside). Use a funnel if needed.
8. Cut a piece of tissue paper slightly larger in size than the egg’s hole. Glue the paper to the edges of the hole.

Tools and Materials: 
Raw eggs
Egg dye
Gold Glitter
Tissue paper


Glitter Polka Dot Eggs
photo from BetterHomesandGardens
Instructions courtesy of BetterHomesandGardens

1. Using a crafts punch, punch circles from double-sided adhesive. 
2. Attach the circles to the eggs. 
3. Pour different colors of glitter into separate bowls
4. Roll each egg in glitter; remove excess with a clean paintbrush. 
For a multicolor egg, place a few stickers on an egg at a time. Roll in glitter, remove excess, adhere more circles, and repeat with a different color glitter.

Tools and Materials: 
Hard-boiled or Blown-out Eggs
A circle craft punch 
Double-sided adhesive tape
Pretty Taped Eggs
photo from BetterHomesandGardens

Instructions courtesy of BetterHomesandGardens
1. Tear small pieces of your favorite patterns and cover an egg. 
2. Smooth out air bubbles.

Tools and Materials: 
Hard-boiled or Blown-out Eggs
Washi Tape at least 1/2 inch wide 

I would love to see pictures of your unique egg decorating techniques!  Please send them to or post them to my Facebook page.

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