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Monday, August 20, 2012

DIY Watercolor Party Supplies

On a budget?  Feeling crafty? Looking for a low-key party theme to fit any occasion from birthday to bridal shower to end of summer popsicle party?  Try some of these Watercolor Party DIY projects for making your own party supplies.

Painted Paper Cups
from Design Sponge
  • white, paper coffee cups
  • paintbrush
  • acrylic paint
  • water
  1. Squeeze some of the acrylic paint into a cup and slowly dilute with water, while mixing.
  2. Apply thin stokes of the paint to your cups- don't use too much and don't paint the brim where people's lips will be.
  3. Allow about an hour to dry.
Watercolor Tags
from Wed in Love
  • watercolor paints
  • painting sponge
  • glass of water
  • a white crayon
  • a paper plate
  • white craft tags
  • string or twine
  1. Write or draw on the tags with the white crayon.  (Some sample phrases may include "thank you" or "happy birthday" or "i love you," depending on the occasion.)
  2. Dip the sponge into your chosen color and paint onto the craft tag.
  3. Allow to dry.
  4. Tie onto a gift bag, hang on a party favor or clip onto clothesline to use as a seating arrangement placecard.  
Flower Bows
from Victoria Hudgins- Bloesem
  • white or colored, store bought gift wrap bows
  • scissors
  • watercolor paints
  • a paintbrush
  1. Paint the bows with the watercolors, however you please.
  2. Allow to dry for about an hour.
  3. Cut the center loops of the store bought bows with your scissors.
  4. Layer 2 or 3 bows on top of each other to combine a variety of colors.
  5. Staple through the middle to keep the bows together.
  6. Use to decorate gifts, make hair accessories, pins, etc.
Popsicle Mini Tote Favor Bags
from Creature Comforts

  1. Print popsicle iron-on onto transfer paper.
  2. Cut out the popsicle shape as close to the design as possible.
  3. Put transfer face down on fabric bag and iron on according to transfer paper directions.
  4. When transfer is fully adhered and cool to the touch, peel the paper backing off.
  5. Fill with treats and disperse to your popsicle loving party pals!
Watercolor Kit
from Tip Junkie
  • store bought, individual paint sets (can be found at the dollar store or most big box stores)
  • watercolor paints
  • a paint brush
  • scissors
  • masking tape
  • your choice of wording printed on textured, white cardstock paper (Grab my free printable below by righting clicking and choosing Save As)

  1. Print off the free printable above or your choice of wording, using bubble letters, onto textured white cardstock paper (this type of paper will allow for the paint to bleed.)
  2. Using alternating paint colors, paint over the bubble letters with the watercolor paints. (Follow your inner child and do NOT stay in the lines!)
  3. Allow to dry.
  4. Cut out into individual tag strips.
  5. Use masking tape to tape tags onto individual paint sets.
  6. Give out as party parting gifts.

Watercolor Party Streamers
from Dandee Designs
  • plain, white party streamer
  • glass bowls
  • cooling racks
  • food coloring
  1. Fill bowls with 1 1/2 cups of room temperature water.
  2. Add food coloring to bowls (more drops for deeper colors.)
  3. Place rolled up white party streamers into bowls to absorb the colored water. (Do not leave in for too long, just long enough to soak up some of that color on the bottom portion of the roll.)
  4. Place rolls on drying racks and allow to dry. (May take a few days to dry completely.)
I'd love to see your DIY Watercolor Party projects!  Please feel free to email me pictures to share!

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