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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding Gawker

Are you addicted to Pinterest like I am?  Are you planning a wedding? Then you may want to check out


What is it?

"Weddinggawker is a photo gallery that allows you to visually serach and discover tradtional to modern ideas to inspire your own wedding."

Weddinggawker was launch in 2010 as the third portion of the gawkerverse.  You may also join Craftgawker, Dwellinggawker, and Foodgawker.

Photographers and bloggers submit their own photographs directly to the site and each day, different images are showcased.


When you find a photo that inspires you, simply click on it to be taken to the original website.  Hover over a photo to Pin it, Send to Facebook, Tweet it, etc.  To save the photo to your personal favorites, click on the heart.

Customize and Search

Create your own custom page by filtering results by wedding category such as venues, jewelry, paper goods and flowers.  You can also search by date or exclude certain keywords.

Click on the "popular" tab to sort photos by "most favorited" or "most gawked."


By clicking on "randomize" the photos displayed will be chosen at, well, random.

That's it.  Pretty simple and sweet.  Just another website to draw inspiration from. 

Click the button below to see some of my favorites and feel free to leave a link below to your gallery!

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