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Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Word Art

Have you heard of Tagxedo?  It is a free program that you can use to create word art that you can then download to print out, make gifts, decor etc.  The program allows you to pull words from a website, twitter feed, or just type in yourself.  Pick your shape, your fonts and your colors.  The tips and tricks take a little bit of instruction.

I made this star design with words that describe my daughter Hailey and of course chose a pink theme.

Here are a few things that I have learned just messing around:
1. To make a two word phrase, put a ~ in between the two words instead of a space (see dress~up above.)
2. If you pull words from your website, etc, you can skip some words by clicking on Word Layout Options and clicking the Skip tab.
3. To choose your shape, click the arrow next to the word Shape.
4. You can choose from more shapes by going to the Tagxedo home page and clicking on Gallery, click on the picture that you want and then you can alter the picture to include your custom text by clicking the Load tab on the left.
5. To change your colors, click the arrow next to the word Theme.
6. If you only want to use each word once, click Word Layout Option, choose Layout and choose No next to Allow Replication.

I feel like this music note with inspirational words and the names of my children, would make an awesome tattoo!  White text on black font also looks pretty cool!

The sparrow above pulled words from my website,   don't forget, you don't have to use ALL of the words that it pulls, you can delete some by clicking on Word Layout Options and choosing the Skip tab.

I didn't make the one above with my words, I just found it in their gallery.  I did change the colors though.  How cute would this be for wedding decor adding in the names of the bride and groom?  Heck, you could make a type of "guestbook" with names of everyone who came to the wedding!

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