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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bohemian Beach Wedding

I returned just yesterday from the beautiful Newport Beach area in California (where I excitedly celebrated my baby sister's law school graduation!)  Sitting on the sand, listening to the waves, and smelling the salt water would inspire anyone, but specifically, it put me in a Bohemian Beach Wedding frame of mind.  Who wouldn't want to get married on the beach??? 

The Dress:
When I think of a Bohemian wedding dress suitable for a beach wedding, I think of off-whites, eco-friendly fabrics, simple, close to the body, minimal decoration and beading, no train, breathable and light.
Vintage Bohemian Wedding Dress by ParasolVintage
Wedding Gown with Sweep Ruffled by White Romance
Bohemian Wrap Dress by Simones Rose Boutique
Stationary should be simple and timeless, neutral colored papers (recycled products when possible,) no colored inks. Think Kraft papers, twine and seashells.
Peach Feather Vintage Rustic and Elegant Wedding Invitation by Beacon Lane
Sand Dollar Stickers by Grey Bird Nest
Personalized Wedding Guest Book by Lorgie and Me

Contradict your simple dress with a stunning headpiece, bird cage veil or hair pins.  Incorporate beach elements such as seaglass, stones, seashells or sand dollars into your bridal jewelry.  If you aren't going truly barefoot on the beach, try a pair of "barefoot sandals."
Beach Wedding Birdcage Veil by Beyond a Veil
Natural Holey Beach Stone Jewelry by Astash
Crochet Barefoot Sandals by Rukodelinitsa

For Him:
Get your groom to look beachy with a unique boutonnière or tie pin.  He should stay cool too, so light cotton fabrics are a must, no jacket needed.
Beachside Limited Edition Upcycled Boutonniere by EcoLectic Events
Beach Stone Pin by Pebble Creationz
Not that you HAVE to use seashells and starfish in your bridal bouquet, but aren't these beautiful?
Destination Beach Wedding Seashell Bridal by Crocus Creative
Photo from Offbeat Bride

Nothing on your table should look like it wasn't found on the shore or in the ocean.  Ok, with the exception of your fine china, glass and silver.  Use sea urchins, sea glass and driftwood in your centerpieces.  Keep any mood lighting low, (ideally, after the sun goes down, the moon will be your main source of light.)
Set of Pineapple Air Plant Urchins by Peacock Taco  
Photo from Wedding Aces
Cotton Ball Sting Light by Cotton Light


  1. Awesome post!
    I had a beach wedding with crochet barefoot sandals and boho maxi dress.. so beautiful!
    You made my day..
    Thank you Katie...

  2. Thank you Parasol Vintage! I would love to have my vow renewal ceremony on a beach some day.... I love those sandals, of course I don't live anywhere near a beach, so I think it'd look silly if I just wore them around......What beach did you get married on?

  3. I do not live close to the beach either, But I always said I was going to get marry at the beach... So we did it!! I got marry at Bal Harbour beach in Florida. :) Beautiful place!


  4. That sounds gorgeous Samantha! Congratulations! I hope to be able to visit there some day.