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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Guest Book Ideas

The traditional wedding guest book has taken many turns.  Brides and grooms still want a memento of who shared in their wedding day, but there are so many different ways to collect that proof.  Check out a few of the options below, found via the lovely Martha Stewart Weddings.

Place different colored envelopes to match your theme, in a regular photo album.  Leave small note cards or card stock paper with pens out to allow your guests to leave their wedding wishes for the happy couple and then fit into the little envelope.

Typewriters are all the rage because they are retro, clunky and sometimes colorful.  They remind us of a simpler time.  Take your guests back in time (hey, your grandparents will LOVE this!) and have them type you a quick note.  Not for the OCD bride, there will be typos.......

Choose some vintage paper, cut down to the size of index cards and leave a note requesting that your guests file their card alphabetically.  Hey, this could be a great time to update your address book as well!

For an elegant affair, have a calligrapher write the word "guests" atop a scroll of parchment-color paper. Guests ideally would sign their names with a feather pen.

Leave a notebook at each guest table with a different prompt such as "where do you see us in 5 years?"  "where did you meet the bride or groom?" and "what is the best piece of advice you could give us for a happy marriage?"  

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