Thursday, March 15, 2012

Plants vs. Zombies Party

I recently was asked to create a custom inspiration board for a Plants vs. Zombies birthday party for an 8 year old that is obsessed with the game. Below is the board that I came up with.
You can view links to the photos pictured above and more party ideas on my Pinterest board.
I also sent them some party tips on snacks, activities and treat ideas.
Color Scheme:
Yellow/Orange (sunflowers and sun)   Green (zombies, pea-shooters and grass)   Red accents (mushrooms, etc.)
Printable InvitationsList of trophies for games, a framed Plants vs. Zombies print for the table or to hang on the front door.  

Top table with scraps of astro-turf. 
Yellow/orange paper plates.  Green paper cups with green straws and a yellow/orange paper sunflower pushed through the top of the straw.
No utensils- zombies don’t use forks!
See activities below for yard décor and set up. 
Place mini Plants vs Zombies figurines and walnuts with googly eyes on food table.

Halloween Organ Harvest Gummies,  Zombie Brain made with green jello and a jello mold, Hamburger patty, sliced cheese and apple sunflowers and walnuts.  Chocolate cupcakes in a green cupcake liner (only fill up with ½ recipe of cupcake mix,) top with crushed oreos and a handmade paper cupcake topper.

Each child will go home with individual sunflowers planted in terra cotta pots painted with kids’ names.
Yard games like the one here.  Set up various pumpkins with painted faces, inflatable sunflowers like the ones from Balloons Express, planters, buckets and tombstones like the ones from
Costume Express.  Kids will take turns being “pea-shooters” trying to toss small balls into the buckets and planters.
Relay races or obstacle courses with mini plastic lawn mower toys.
Walnut opening contest- put googly eyes on the walnuts.
Lawn bowling with Crazy Dave!
Plant individual sunflowers in take-home terra cotta pots painted with kids’ names.


  1. Bama BunnyMay 11, 2012

    Thanks for some great ideas!! Much appreciated!

    1. My pleasure! Good luck with your party planning! If you take any pictures, you are welcome to send them my way katie@littlebirdcelebrations.com! And your party could be featured on my blog. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I wish I had talent like this. My son is turning 7 and he only wants PvZ party... And I cant find anythng for it....

  3. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot out with the branding but I would try and base your decor to fit the color scheme, green and yellow, maybe. Also, you can try to find clipart and print out items such as cupcake toppers and invitations. For the games and treats you will have to get creative. Let me know if you need any help! Good luck!

  4. Thank You for the Amazing ideas! !I'm planing a plant vs zombie for my son. But I can not find invitations anywhere!!! Could you possibly give me any tips on where I could look?

    1. It really is tough to find anything for. I would check Etsy and if nothing there, try designing your own using the clipart and some card stock paper. Good luck and thanks for reading!